Thirsty Third Thursdays

Facilitating the appreciation and consumption of Valulicious wines


Our flagship event is a monthly wine dinner organized, on the 3rd Thursday of the month, with a theme. Click to see a selection of previous themes.

Events are held in fine wine-friendly establishments in Manhattan, including: Alison Eighteen; Amali; La Silhouette; and Edi & the Wolf. Menus are appropriate to the wines, and typically four to six courses.

Mere joy, while a perfectly reasonable pursuit in itself, is a necessary but not sufficient part of success. The goal is that each guest goes to sleep not only having had a memorable and splendidly enjoyable evening, but also feeling that progress has been made towards identifying and articulating the characteristics in wine most correlated to their enjoyment. These preferences might include maturity, the producer’s style, grape variety, alcohol level, residual sugar, acidity, and so on. Therefore, the hope is that over the course of several months, routine celebrants of Thirsty Third Thursdays become more effective at knowing which wines wines give pleasure—whether purchased at restaurants, retailers, or auctions.

Hence much effort is invested in the tasting format of each event. Wines are usually served blind, and comments on the wines are postponed until after each guest has been able to record their thoughts, reflections and guesses. The objective is to keep the conversations sociable and to allow individuals to make their own judgments on the wines, without the clouding influence of another’s preferences. Trust your palate!


Thirsty Third Thursdays begin at 8pm on the evening of the third Thursday of a given month (so the Thursday between the 15th and the 21st). Invitations to next month’s tasting are distributed on the Friday following the third Thursday.

Thirsty Third Thursdays sources exceptional wine at silly prices, passing those savings on to its guests. Indeed, tastings are slightly subsidized by Thirsty Third Thursdays. The typical per-person cost of the wine is about $100. This is extraordinary value: if you don’t think so, Thirsty Third Thursdays isn’t right for you!

Thirsty Third Thursdays’ placemats are made using the free software by Julian Wiseman (some example placemats).

Customized individual or corporate events can be arranged.


If you would like to learn more, or to sign up for the monthly invitations, email the username “info” at the domain name “”.

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